Take the Challenge:

With Dr. Curtis's simple, no nonsense approach, Dr. Curtis will show you how you can live together and love it in just 5 days,

  • Day 1 - More Romance, Intimacy & Sex by using fun and easy strategies to successfully combine your "mindstyles," lifestyles and personal possessions.
  • Day 2 - Increased Peace of Mind by following a simple, step-by-step approach to support your decision to live together.
  • Day 3 - Greater Confidence & Courage by usign a proactive approach to head off guild and criticism you might get from family, family, friends or co-workers before it starts.
  • Day 4 - New Hope & Happiness by writing a shared vision of what each of you expect for the future of the relationship whether you plan to marry or not.
  • Day 5 - Extra Confidence & Satisfaction by preventing the typical conflicts over money and chores that ruin so many relationships before they even get started.

Book Description:

Living together before marriage has become a widely accepted and recognized institution. Happily Un-Married: Living Together and Loving It! Is the first book to take a serious and non-judgmental look at helping couples improve the fitness of their live-in relationships. This guide book is a complete resource for anyone who answers yes to the following questions:

  1. Are you living together now?
  2. Are you thinking about living together?
  3. Is your live-in relationship getting rocky?
  4. Do you know someone who needs help with their live-in relationship?
  5. Do you want to strengthen your live-in relationship
  6. Do you want to know more about the reasons, risks and future of cohabitating?

The strategies emphasized by Dr. John Curtis can be successfully applied to a new romance where the couple is just thinking about cohabitating, a newly cohabitating couple who want to maintain the relationship through a near-future cohabitation, or a long-term cohabitating couple who want to strengthen their relationship, but have no plans to marry. This book provides a clear, step-by-step method to use winning business strategies to create a winning live-in relationship.