Book Description:

Improve the "bottom line" of your relationship. Can you take the same "best practices" that build a successful business, and apply them to your marriage? Would you find happiness, even true love, in your, in your "joint venture?" Better yet, would you like to maximize your "Return on Investment (ROI)" in a relationship?

"The Business of Love" is the first book to apply proven business strategies to "divorce-proof" intimate relationships. Businesses have been successfully maximizing profits for years, and its about time to apply those successful concepts to real relationships.

"The Business of Love" can even result in a turnaround of a once-rocky relationship. Pinpointing the reasons for the decline in marriage, which is at a forty-year low, author Dr. Curtis explains why young people not only are postponing marriage later than ever but most believe that single people are happier than those who are married.

The book provides a step-by-step approach on how to apply business concepts to marriage, such as writing a marital vision statement or a detailed job description for the husband and wife, or how to set up a performance appraisals process and compensation system for a marriage.

What You Will Learn:

With Dr. Curtis's unique no non-sense approach, you will learn to:

  • Find a clear and common vision for the ideal future state of your relationship, whether marriage or cohabitation.
  • Develop measurable objectives that define why the relationship exists, where is is headed and how you will measure success.
  • Determine attitudes about money and those attitude's roles in successfully funding the marital enterprise.
  • Develop a relationship "love logo" and marketing a unified "relationship brand."
  • Learn how to deal with the consequences of "mergers and acquisitions" in the context of couples, blended families and children from other relationships.
  • Create job descriptions and stop bickering about who does what around the house.
  • Design a relationship feedback process complete with tips on regular appraisal sessions.